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Hey there, my name's Barbara! I'm an aspiring singer living in New York. In this blog you can expect to find a near perfect representation of my stream of consciousness- the thoughts racing through my mind whether through pictures, text posts, or videos. Whatever is on my mind at any given moment in time. Enjoy, and feel free to say hi (^_^)/

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Trying to help by participating in a psychological experiment.

Everything was going fine, until they asked for some demographic information (which I have no problem providing)

That’s when the following popped up:

"Please select your orientation"

  • Homosexual
  • Bisexual
  • Heterosexual

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    hahahaha i hate everything
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    As a psych major, let me say that I get so damn annoyed by psychology questionnaires. Select your gender: ___ Male ___...
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  9. hapfairy said: Maybe there’s a comments section at the end? You could write in it that they need to add another option to their question :)
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